Magnetic Fidget Sphere
Magnetic Fidget Sphere
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Magnetic Fidget Sphere

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Magnetic Fidget Sphere

The creative magnetic decompression building block is a toy that will make people feel happy to play. He put 12 pentagons together in a powerful magnetic field and is constructing a perfect artwork. So we made this magnetic pentagonal toy for you.

Fidget Blocks: Stackable, stackable, recyclable and fabricable. Through magnetic magic and shaking multiple pentagons in the hand, the pentagons will magically approach the created shape and become a great art.
Magnetic Fidget Sphere has a translucent and smooth texture surface with fresh bright colors. The cut out pentagonal magnetic shape makes people feel more comfortable to the touch. Each surface has a strong magnetic attraction, which is more convenient and easy to connect. The fun of boundless shapes.

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Over 14 years of age: Keep away from all children.


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