Willow Tree - Little One
Willow Tree - Little One
Willow Tree - Little One
Willow Tree - Little One
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Willow Tree - Little One

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Willow Tree - Little One
We've only just begun...forever my little one
“I remember when my husband and daughter or son played, laughed and tumbled together on the rug... or when all the grandkids piled onto my dad’s back for horse rides... those moments of spontaneous play, of cuddling, tickling, being present together, became the foundation for their close relationships throughout the years. Children and adults form bonds through creative play that involve laughter, imagination, physical climbing and tumbling... When making this sculpt, I wanted the adult figure to convey a sense of protection—a safe space—in which a child learns unconditional love.”
A gift to celebrate the loving relationships that develop between parent and child, grandparent and child…
  • Made of Resin
  • Height 10cm x Width 5cm x Depth 5cm
  • Sculptured by Susan Lordi

Willow Tree® is an intimate line of figurative sculptures that speak in quiet ways to heal, comfort, protect and inspire. Artist Susan Lordi hand carves the original of each figure from her studio in Kansas City Missouri. Pieces are cast from her original carvings, and individually painted by hand. Expression is revealed through gestures only… a tilt of the head, placement of the hands, a turn of the body.

“I try to keep the interpretation of Willow Tree open. I hope this makes it more personal, and allows the viewer to decide its meaning…”  Susan Lordi


Willow Tree


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