Edge Sculpture - Lion Bust
Edge Sculpture - Lion Bust
Edge Sculpture - Lion Bust
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Edge Sculpture - Lion Bust

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Lion Bust 

Influenced by style rather than subject, Matt Buckley presents a most striking collection of eclectic, contemporary sculptures. This stunning visual representation of a Lion Bust has been brought to life with intricate carvings showcasing its features and majestic mane, hand-painted with shades of gold and white. The king of its pack, Edge Sculpture's Lion is a modern yet utterly affordable piece to showcase in homes or gardens. Each subject has been originally sculpted from clay, which allows the creation of pieces that deliver both a dynamic and organic feel. They are then developed in cases and moulds which ensure the faithful reproduction of the original clay sculpture with a special blend of marble stone castings. The finishing touch is the skillful application of hand-painting with the end result being a statement piece and a talking-point for anyone's home!

  • Measurements: 43cm H 


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