Aroma Lamp Angel Wings
Aroma Lamp Angel Wings
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Aroma Lamp Angel Wings

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Aroma Lamp Angel Wings

This lamp is compatible with wax melt tarts from Yankee Candle, or your favourite essential oils (both sold separately) – gently warming your chosen fragrance with a 25W halogen capsule bulb and circulating the scent around your home.

The beautiful lamp is touch-sensitive so you can simply touch the base to switch between three light intensity settings.

The perfect gift for anyone who loves to fill their home with exquisite fragrances but is concerned with smoke or fire damage, this lamp lets you to safely burn wax melts in any room around the house.

Requires 25W Halogen Capsule Bulb (Spare included). No Batteries Required.

Lamp measurements: Height 16.5cm x Diameter 12.5cm


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